You must have heard of the famous song …

You must have heard of the famous song “Jai Ho” from oscar  winning movie Slumdog millionaire.One day,suddenly its lyrics took my attention.A third language had taken  place in place of English in Bollywood song .So I googled for its lyrics and this language was spanish.

And then I searched for how many people use spanish worldwide and then knew that its kind of famous not only in Europe but also among English spoken people. So I thought of learning it(not fully but some words and basic grammar)

And that day I  ended up spending  my day learning Spanish and mostly chatting with spanish speakers.So ,there were only two tabs opened in my brower first is some spanish learning site  and second is mostly i was on sharedtalk and doing chat with chicks and helping them learn English.It is the universal fact that Girls use guys for getting their work done.If you need girl then first you will have to fulfill her need.This is why I had to taught English to non-English girls.But I also learnt some spanish.

Te amo                 =>           I love you

hasta la vista         => see you later

I learnt other words also but I dont want to discuss them here. The thing is ,you  too can get yourself speaking with chica  on

Do not start ,first read this blog completly.

ok ,you may go,I will right later part another day.