Cops beat guard to Death : Real Dabangg

Dabangg scored the win over many indian hearts Even the rumour  of Dabangg 2 might go into action .But when I heard about cops beating guard inspired by Dabangg ,and this battering led him to death in Bilaspur(a town) ,I got surprised that how much level spectator can get affected  at by seeing movie.This was the Real Dabangg.

Obviously Arbaaz khaan would not have thought about it that his movie would put that much impact on the cops.So ,most of the spectators want to do the same  as reeled into movie on actor.Kids want to be Superman,Spiderman ,Krish.But overreaction must not be happened .Guard could not identify cops as they were not in police dress and so Guard pushed them towards to door.This petty thing turned the cops into evil and guard found himself in the hospital and there he was declared dead.

And the most important thing is there is no eye witness who can tell exactly what happened or no one want to take pain in their ass.

So,what is this?Real Dabangg or Overreaction of Dabangg Dose.