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  • wordc 8:56 am on September 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Don’t they look alike ? 

    JK Rowling Totally Looks Like Garth Algar

    Lady Gaga Totally Looks Like Ryu Hayabusa

    Clay Matthews Totally Looks Like The Predator

    soendastreet com totally looks like facebook com

    Henry Ian Cusick from Lost Totally Looks Like Kyril Finn from Star Trek

    Zachary Quinto Totally Looks Like Guy From GEICO Commerical

    Nicolas Cage Totally Looks Like George Chandler (Early Actor)

    Mr. K. Kellogg Totally Looks Like Phil Collins

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    जींदगी जीने का समय नही

    अब तो दौड़ने का जमाना है

    जींदगी ,अब खुशियो का नाम नही

    अब तो एक दर्द का फसाना है

    जींदगी एक हसीन कहानी नही

    अब तो एक दुख की कराहना है

    जींदगी की इस दौड़ मे थक गये जो

    उनको छोड़ आगे बढ़ जाने का जमाना हे

    जींदगी जीने का नाम नही

    ये तो दर्द का फसाना है..

    कभी सोचता हूँ उस पंछी के बारे मे

    स्वचंद उड़ता आकाश के उचाईयों मे

    कभी उड़ता हे खाने की तलाश मे

    कभी उड़ता घोसले की राह मे

    बस उड़ता हे जीने की चाह मे

    इसके पास भी जींदगी हे

    मगर इसे दौड़ना नही बस चलना है

    इन थका देने वाली गलियों मे

    फिर हमें ही क्यो भटकना है

    और इस दौड़ मे शामिल होने के बाद भी

    क्यो गम के आँसू पीना है

    क्योकि अब ये केवल दौड़ने का समय नही

    ये तो सबसे आगे निकल जाने का जमाना है

    जींदगी जीने का नाम नही

    ये तो दर्द का फसाना है..

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    Those are not leaders who stands out side of the war.Standing by the soldiers is the essential quality of a Leader.But today defination is changed……………….

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    Gender in Spanish 

    See following Examples carefully —-

    el chico   =  the boy                           la chica  = the girl

    el libro   = the book                            la revista = the magazine

    el gato  = the male cat                      la gata = the female cat

    So,unlike English ,we have to discriminates nouns in male and female by using el or la.We use “the ,a ,an” in the English but they do not depend on the gender of the noun but in spanish “el” is used for masculine and “la” is for feminine and same as “the” in English.

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    A little mistake can ruin your maths .. 

    Theorem. Any integer equals its successor, i.e. nn+1 any integer n.


    So,Where is the problem ………….?????

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    jeendagi  jeene ka samay nahi

    ab to doudane ka jamana hai

    jeendagi ,ab khusiyon ka  naam nahi

    ab to ek dard ka phasana  hai

    jeendagi  ek haseen kahani nahi

    ab to ek dukh ki karaahana hai

    jeendagi ki is daud me thak gaye jo

    unko chod aage bad jana ka jamana he

    jeendagi jeene kaa naam nahi

    ye to dard ka phasana hai..

    kabhi sochta hu panchiyon ke bare me

    swachand udate aakash ke uchayiyon me

    kabhi udate he khane ki talash me

    kabhi  udate ghosale ki  rah  me

    bas udate he jeene ki chah me

    inke paas bhi jeendgi he

    magar inhe dodana nahi bas chalana hai

    in thaka dene wali galiyon me

    phir hume hi kyo bhatakana hai

    Aur is daud me shamil hone ke baad bhi

    kyo gam ke aansu peena hai

    kyoki ab ye  keval daudane ka  samay nahi

    ye to sabse aage nikal jane ka jamana hai

    jeendagi jeene kaa naam nahi

    ye to dard ka phasana hai..

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    Cops beat guard to Death : Real Dabangg 

    Dabangg scored the win over many indian hearts Even the rumour  of Dabangg 2 might go into action .But when I heard about cops beating guard inspired by Dabangg ,and this battering led him to death in Bilaspur(a town) ,I got surprised that how much level spectator can get affected  at by seeing movie.This was the Real Dabangg.

    Obviously Arbaaz khaan would not have thought about it that his movie would put that much impact on the cops.So ,most of the spectators want to do the same  as reeled into movie on actor.Kids want to be Superman,Spiderman ,Krish.But overreaction must not be happened .Guard could not identify cops as they were not in police dress and so Guard pushed them towards to door.This petty thing turned the cops into evil and guard found himself in the hospital and there he was declared dead.

    And the most important thing is there is no eye witness who can tell exactly what happened or no one want to take pain in their ass.

    So,what is this?Real Dabangg or Overreaction of Dabangg Dose.

  • wordc 7:48 pm on September 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Akon singing bollywood song 

    Yes ,it is true.Soon,you will be listining to Akon song in upcoming Movie Ra.one which is going to be realeased in 3 june  2011. This Big budget(100 crore approx) movie is being starred by Shahrukh khan,Arjun Rampal and Kareen kapoor.

    Akon is going to add his own bits to Vishal-shekhar’s composition.And the thing that will surprise you is that Akon will also sing in Hindi .Shahrukh khan is really exited for this.

    Shah Rukh also wants to show My Name Is Khan to Akon. “Akon was in Cairo when My Name Is Khan released there. He saw all the hoardings and has heard a lot about the film. He has shown interest in watching it. Insha Allah, I’ll screen my film for Akon when he’s here.”

    So,Get ready for this action packed super hero movie.

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    How to change Mac address 

    This will work for linux machines.

    First get the physical MAC address of your machine by running the following command :

    $ ifconfig -a | grep HWaddr
    eth0  Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:80:48:BA:d1:20

    The  hexadecimal  numbers in blue denote my machine’s MAC address. Yours will be different. Learn how to use the ifconfig.

    Next, login as root in linux and enter the following commands –

    # ifconfig eth0 down
    # ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:80:48:BA:d1:30
    # ifconfig eth0 up
    # ifconfig eth0 |grep HWaddr

    Note above that I have changed the MAC address to a different number highlighted in blue.00:80:48:BA:d1:30 is the new MAC address I have provided for my Linux machine. You can choose any 48 bits hexadecimal address as your MAC address.

    Note – This changed Mac address is not the stable.As you reboot your pc ,Mac address again will be original one because this mac address is on your laptop’s network card.So you cant change it permantly.

  • wordc 6:48 pm on September 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    You must have heard of the famous song … 

    You must have heard of the famous song “Jai Ho” from oscar  winning movie Slumdog millionaire.One day,suddenly its lyrics took my attention.A third language had taken  place in place of English in Bollywood song .So I googled for its lyrics and this language was spanish.

    And then I searched for how many people use spanish worldwide and then knew that its kind of famous not only in Europe but also among English spoken people. So I thought of learning it(not fully but some words and basic grammar)

    And that day I  ended up spending  my day learning Spanish and mostly chatting with spanish speakers.So ,there were only two tabs opened in my brower first is some spanish learning site  and second is sharedtalk.com.But mostly i was on sharedtalk and doing chat with chicks and helping them learn English.It is the universal fact that Girls use guys for getting their work done.If you need girl then first you will have to fulfill her need.This is why I had to taught English to non-English girls.But I also learnt some spanish.

    Te amo                 =>           I love you

    hasta la vista         => see you later

    I learnt other words also but I dont want to discuss them here. The thing is ,you  too can get yourself speaking with chica  on sharedtalk.com.

    Do not start ,first read this blog completly.

    ok ,you may go,I will right later part another day.

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